Stacy Smith(non-registered)
Mandi thank you so much for taking Macey's newborn photos on Saturday. I appreciate your patience and dedication in trying to get the pictures to turn out perfect. Can't wait to see the outcome of my granddaughter's first photo shoot. You are truly talented and have a gift for working with children.
Jack Brown
Thank you very much i really appreciate your photos they are very lovely and inspiring photo i wish i could be like that pro like you.
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Linda Stephens/Morby(non-registered)
I am so impressed with your work. You have a wonderful talent
I looked at everyone of you photos,you have really nice work Mandi
Joseph DeVore(non-registered)
You have some amazing photography!
Kait Brannen(non-registered)
What lovely work you do. I enjoyed looking at them and pinned several to Pinterest. Good luck with your photography!
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