Mandi Lever Photography | About

I specialize in newborns and children's portraiture. One of my favorite things to do is to take photographs. Capturing that fleeting moment that is soon gone forever is an intoxicating feeling. Never will we live in this minute again. It is so exciting to be able to capture these moments of your precious little ones. Little feet and tiny fingers, perfect little lips and big innocent eyes. I love to watch children and experience their pure joy, inquiring minds, discovering every little thing and seeing their faces light up. The more I watch I see their little personalities. The little things they love and don't especially like. I enjoy every sweet little face I get to meet. I try to look deep in their eyes and capture their inner self. Our eyes tell so much about us. As you look through my photography, you will see how much I love eyes. For me, it's how I connect with people. I want to be a story teller. I want to mold light to create such beautiful stories that it takes your breath away.

I enjoy all types of photography, but I have chosen to specialize in newborn and children's portraiture. I am an award winning photographer. Child Photographer of the Year awarded by the Professional Photographers of the Ozarks for two years. Always learning, always growing.

My studio is located at 2522 Main Street, Parsons, Ks. I invest in high quality props to make your photography experience easier and more beautiful. I strive to make every session a custom setup just for you. I do offer specials, be sure to follow me on Facebook for details on specials.